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Earning Clash of Clans Gems – How to Get Gems without Paying a Dime?

Clash of Clans is a strategy based epic combat game, which has become quite popular in these days. Exciting game play options and stunning graphics of this game successfully clinched appreciations from the passionate mobile gamers. Players have to build their own village and then they have to protect their villages from the attacks of others. They can also attack others to earn points. When it comes to collecting points in this game, several point systems are there to be noted. Gems are considered as the most vital points as they are available limitedly, yet they play crucial roles in this game.
The game is completely free though the gems do not always come for free. At the beginning of the game, players are awarded with default 500 gems and using those gems they can build some important establishments in their virtual villages. However, be careful to use the gems as once the gems are finished, you may have to buy them or else you have to wait for some more hard earned gems. If you have money, you can always buy Clash of Clans gems, but if you want them for free beside clash of clans hack, then consider the following tips and tricks for earning them:

Earn Gems by Completing Your Achievements

Clash of Clans award achievements when the players accomplish certain specified goals. Accomplishing these achievements will let the players to earn some rewards that include gems too. The more goals you can accomplish, the more you can earn gems by coining your achievements. How to convert achievements into gems:
• Open the achievement screen and you will find a list of your achievements.
• There will be associated options to convert those achievements into points or gems.

Fight Others to Earn Gems

The most valuable achievements can be earned by fighting others. Whenever you win a battle against your enemy, you can earn thousands of gems. Some of such achievements are:
• Sweet Victory: This achievement can be earned by winning trophies in the battle of multiplayer. You can earn as much as 450 gems by clinching 1250 trophies.
• Unbreakable: This is an achievement which can be earned through defending an attack. Defending 1000 attacks will fetch 100 gems for you.
• League All Star: You can earn Clash of Clans gems by advancing in the Clash of Clans league. If you can join the Crystal league, you will earn 250 gems, while joining the Master League will fetch you 1000 gems. Furthermore, becoming the Champion will let you earn 2000 gems.

These are the simplest ways of earning gems in this game. Earning gems in such ways also engages the players to explore the game at its fullest.

Android Games review

Android games make up the most fun games one can cram onto their smart phone or tablet and at the same time offers android users the best gaming experience. The most amazing thing about android games is that there are several varieties of games ranging from adventure game, racing games, puzzle games to role-playing games. There are a thousand android games available hence a wide range of games for all kinds of android users to chose from. 
The marvelous thing that makes android games stand out from the other games in the market is that they can be downloaded in the form of Apk files. Apk files are very easy to install and are small in size making them the most convenient games for android users. Android games come in well ordered categories thus making it easier to identify the game that one is interested in.

Another fascinating thing about android games is that the best android games are free as compared to other games. The games are also constantly up-to-date and new releases together with special offers that come hand in hand with android games never seize. Android users have no trouble at all deciding which games to load on there android smart phones or tablets since there are numerous android game reviews. This ensures that android users download and install the games that suits them most.
Android games have many features in common which make them unique than other games. These features include; 
I) Fast and easy download and installation.
II) Colorful graphics.
III) Good and easy game controls.
Android games dominate the games market since they are of higher quality in terms of graphics and game play. Android users of a certain age who have fond memories of old games consoles are definitely best suited for android games. With emulators in android games today, one is able to replay these classic games on android smart phones.
Today, android games enable you to quickly and efficiently add social features to your android game for a richer and mind blowing gaming experience. Players can see their stats as they play the game and compare with other players and friends playing the same game around the world, their achievements and their scores using social leader boards.. This makes playing an android game more exciting and interesting.
Cloud save is the most popular feature for android games making game saves even happier and exclusive than ever before. A player can start a game on their android smart phone and continue from where they left with ease. Android games bring players together with turn-based and real-time game play which is why android games are at a whole new level.

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